В столице Боснии зачастую говорят не «Сараевское дерби», а «Врхбоснийское дерби» (Врхбосна, буквально «Верхняя Босна» это историческое название Сараево), имея в виду самый главный футбольный матч страны, противостояние между командами Железничар и Сараево.

Дерби Сараево
Железничар - ФК Сараево

Сараево, Wikipedia:Horde_Zla



Sarajevo derby


  • The older team of the two is FK Zeljeznicar, which was established in 1921 by some railway workers.
  • Their rivals of FK Sarajevo were established 25 years later, in 1946, by the ruling communist party , under the name of FK Torpedo Sarajevo.It was created as Bosnia’s elite club, and it was supposed to represent the Communist Party and the bosnian people in the Yugoslav First League. To accomplish that several players were transferred from Zeljeznicar to Torpedo , on communist’s authority orders. This was the start of their historical rivalry.
  • FK Sarajevo’s colours are burgundy and white , and they play their home matches in the Asim Ferhatović Hase Stadium of Sarajevo. The club has won 2 Bosnian Championships,4 Bosnian Cups,1 Bosnian Supercup, 2 Yugoslav Championships, 2 Yugoslav Cups.
  • FK Zeljeznicar plays in white and blue and their home ground is Grbavica Stadium. The club’s record consists of 4 Bosnian Championships, 3 Bosnian Cups and 3 Bosnian Supercups.
  • Голкипер Слободан Януш провел больше всего Врхбоснийских дерби – 21 (16 – в качестве первого номера Железничара, 5 – как страж ворот Сараево).
  • Лучшие бомбардиры в истории главного матча Боснии – Асим Ферхатович (Сараево) и Джелалудин Мухаремович (Железничар), забившие по 6 мячей в ворота непримиримого соперника.
  • Железничар двадцать лет не проигрывал Сараево на своем поле: с 1977 по 1997 г.г.
  • За всю историю Сараевского дерби лишь одному футболисту удалось сделать хет-трик. Тремя мячами в 1986 году отметился Радмило Михайлович из Железничара.

The fansEdit

I would go as far as to say that the fans are the most important component of this derby. The Bosnian Championship isn’t among the strongest in Europe and this two clubs don’t have any international performances to speak of, But the fans of hold their own against any crew of Europe. The atmosphere around the derby is almost every time electric, both sets of fans using large amounts of pyrotechnic material, choreographies, offensive messages and large flags.

Traditionally the fans of FK Sarajevo are called Pitari ( or pie eaters) , while the ultras are called Horde Zla ( Evil Horde). Horde Zla always occupies the north terrace, both in its home ground and also in their rival’s stadium.

The fans of FK Zeljeznicar are Kospicari ( seeds eaters) and the Ultras are called The Maniacs. They always sit in the south stand (in their home ground they call their terrace “Holly South).[1]


В 1998 году Manijaci напали на голкипера Сараево прямо во время дерби, что спровоцировало массовые беспорядки. Тридцать человек получили травмы различной степени тяжести.[2]

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